Do I need to do my tax returns in the Netherlands?

Publicatiedatum 16 september 2022
Wijzigingsdatum 22 november 2022

If you are reading this blog there is a good chance you are an international student wondering if you need to do your tax returns. The short answer is yes you need to do your tax returns in the Netherlands. This blog will tell you why, when and what the benefits of doing your tax returns are.

Who needs to do their tax returns in The Netherlands?

Everyone who lives in the Netherlands has to do their tax return. You can do this on the website of the Belastingdienst. You can log in with your DigiD. In most cases the Belastingdienst has already filled in your information. You have to check if the information is correct and if necessary make adjustments or additions. After you made sure your information is correct you will be shown the amount of tax you need to pay the government or the amount of taxes you overpaid and are getting back from the government.

When do I have to send my tax returns

You can fill in your tax returns starting March 1st of the next year. For example your tax returns of 2019 can be filled in starting March 1st of 2020. After filling in your tax returns you get the option to send them so the Belastingdienst. If you owe more than €46,- to the Dutch government you have to send your tax returns back or risk getting a fine. If the amount the government owes you is less than €15,- you don't have to send your tax return. This is because amounts less than €15,- won't be paid back. Your tax returns have to be send in by July 1st the year after. For example your tax return of 2019 has to be send in by July 1st 2020. In conclusion you have to do your tax returns the year after the one it applies to between March 1st and July 1st.

What could cause me to have payed to much or not enough taxes?

The most common issue students have with their tax returns is getting to much or not enough loonheffingskorting. You can read more about when you should and when you shouldn't get loonheffingskorting in our blog that focuses on loonheffingskorting. There are some other discounts you can get on your taxes to reduce the amount you had to pay. You can check the different kinds of discounts on the Belastingdienst website as well.

Start earning money

As a student you will most likely only have to fill in tax returns for your earned salary. For this however you first need a job. Finding a job as an international student in the Netherlands can be difficult. A solution to this is signing up to a job agency. Recruit a Student is a job agency that works with a lot of companies that are specifically looking for (international) students. Sign up at our website and will be able to straight away apply to any open vacancies.



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