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Financial matters

Student Finance: options, requirements and how do I apply?

Living expenses for a student in the Netherlands can be quite high. You have to pay for all kind of things like tuition fees, rent, books, sports and so on. In the Netherlands there is help to finance these expenses. In this blog we will explain what options you have and what the requirements are.
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Financial matters

What is loonheffingskorting/tax discount and does it apply to me?

When you are going to work for an employer in the Netherlands they will ask you if you want to apply ‘loonheffingskorting’. For Dutch people it is obvious but for international students it is not. In this blog we will explain what loonheffingskorting is and when you can apply this discount.
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Explanation Payslip

Financial matters

Explanation Payslip

In this blog there is an explanation on how to read our payslips.
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