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Scaling up and down made easy

Fluctuations in busy periods are a familiar thing to many businesses. In certain months you book record sales while others are a lot quieter. The biggest problem then is having a permanent staff. Full-time employees expect a certain security, which is sometimes a difficult commitment for the organisation to make. The solution is our student pool management service.

A flexible pool

We work with a flexible pool of candidates who inform us of their availability each week. This allows us to shift gears very easily and provide adequate staffing during both busy and quieter periods. This means you avoid being stuck with staff you only need during busy periods. By using our pool management service, you will have talented candidates at your disposal just when you need them.

Pool composition

Good planning is crucial. With our comprehensive planning systems, we can schedule the ideal candidate for you anytime and anywhere. This is how we make the most of the existing pool. And we can, of course, also create a new pool for you, if needed. Thanks to our large database full of motivated and talented workers, this is not a problem for us. So, in this area too, our services are high quality and reliable.

Motivated students

Recruit a Student has a database full of motivated working students. Our students are educated at the secondary vocational, college or university level and enjoy gaining relevant work experience to prepare for their future. These bright minds will be at your disposal for a rate appropriate to a temporary job in your sector. And with a diploma in hand, the student may eventually start working for you without having to receive any further training.

Benefits of pool management

  • Quality: Recruit a Student ensures a good pre-selection of temporary workers, enabling us to guarantee that we deliver motivated working students with a good work mentality.
  • Flexibility: Scale up and down as needed. You can request a different number of students daily, that's no problem for us.
  • Continuity: Always assured of adequately trained temporary workers for your company.
  • Cost-saving: You will only be invoiced for the hours actually worked for you. This avoids your own employees having to work overtime or having nothing to do.

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