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Recruit a Student Almere is an agency that focuses on placing talented students with interesting companies. Since 1999, Recruit a Student has been active in the recruitment industry and provides the perfect match between ambitious students and companies. Our years of experience have provided us with a large database of students who can be engaged in various types of work. Recruit a Student Almere ensures that you have tomorrow's talent today.

Recruit a Student Almere; a reliable HR partner

Recruit a Student Almere is a reliable HR partner with a wide range of services. We can help you with the recruitment & selection of talented personnel, the placement & deployment of young professionals, online placement & remuneration, and pool management. This wide range of services ensures that we can offer a suitable solution for any HR-related problem.

Recruit a Student knows Almere and the surrounding area well. For example, we work with students from Aeres College and Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. The students in our database are eager to learn and motivated, they want to develop themselves into young professionals and want to gain relevant work experience in the form of a part-time job.

Recruit a Student Almere has a personal approach, we personally know all the students in our database. This allows us to know exactly what the unique qualities and talents of the students are. In this way, we can easily make the right match between a student and a vacancy. This means for you that we will only present candidates who have the desired knowledge and skills. We can also guarantee that the students have the right work attitude.

Why a student?

But why would you choose a student? The use of students has benefits. One of these benefits is flexibility. Students can be scheduled exactly as you want. The students you can hire through the student recruitment agency Almere can be used for short- or long-term assignments, for changing or permanent services, or for a one-time assignment.

To guarantee you maximum flexibility, you can opt for a student pool when it comes to long-term assignments. We will build this pool specifically for you and place talented students in it. A student pool is ideal when busy periods are difficult to predict. With the students from this pool, you can switch quickly, you can request extra personnel at any time when needed. But during less busy periods, you can also easily scale down. This means you always have the right staffing.

Another advantage of working with students from the Almere student recruitment agency is that you can achieve more output from your permanent employees. In recent years, the workload in many organizations has increased. As a result, professionals are given more tasks. This can have a negative effect on productivity and work quality. An intelligent student can take over tasks from these professionals...

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