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Welcome to My Recruit

Recruit a Student is delighted to expand the team with people like you. That's why we created MY Recruit. With this app, you become an ambassador for Recruit a Student. And you can earn points when you bring in a new colleague and for all the steps they make through MY Recruit.

Score points easily

MY Recruit is all about recruiting new people to join team Recruit a Student. As soon as you suggest someone, the point counter starts running and you receive additional points for each achievement. The more people you bring in and the better they do, the more points you will receive. These points can add up to a nice bonus for you. In the MY Recruit app, everything is neatly tracked and you can follow exactly what points you have earned for what.

You earn points very easily. When you bring in a new recruit, when they have worked. There are also special achievements you can attain that can increase your points quickly. There is also a leaderboard on which you can be crowned as the best ambassador every six months. That earns you a nice extra reward.

Step 1: Get started with scoring points by downloading the app from the App Store or from Google Play (MY Recruit)

Step 2: Log in using your PoolmanagerWeb details. Don't have these yet? Please contact

Step 3: Register new Recruits via the app and play the game. By reaching higher levels and finishing high on the leaderboard, you can earn nice rewards!


Each time you unlock the next level, you will receive the prize associated with that level at that time. You will be surprised how easy you can pass the first levels!

The prizes (rewards) for the first 20 levels are:

Level 1 : € 20,-
Level 2 : € 25,-
Level 3 : € 30,-
Level 4 : € 35,-
Level 5 : € 40,-
Level 6 : € 45,-
Level 7 : € 50,-
Level 8 : € 55,-
Level 9 : € 60,-
Level 10 : € 65,-

Level 11 : € 500,- 
Level 12 : € 70,-
Level 13 : € 75,-
Level 14 : € 80,-
Level 15 : € 85,-
Level 16 : € 90,-
Level 17 : € 95,-
Level 18 : € 100,-
Level 19 : € 105,-
Level 20 : € 500,-

In addition to the rewards for each level you unlock, there is also the leaderboard. Every six months, the recruiter currently in first place receives an additional award. The leaderboard is then reset for the next six months.

Our MY Recruit app

Become our digital ambassador

  • Earn points by bringing in new colleagues
  • Receive bonus points for special achievements
  • Semi-annual award for the best ambassador

Game Rules

Of course, there are also a few rules to keep this game running smoothly.

  1. Recruit a Student expects you to bring in recruits who are at least as nice as you are.
  2. The leaderboard award is only for MY Recruiters working for Recruit a Student on the day the winner is announced.
  3. MY Recruiters should handle the data they receive for the benefit of MY Recruit in an appropriate way
  4. Recruit a Student reserves the right to (temporarily) discontinue the game
  5. Recruit a Student reserves the right to reject your recruit
  6. Points issued for a recruit who will not work for Recruit a Student within 5 weeks will be revoked.

Have lots of fun playing! Do you have any questions about MY Recruit? Please contact us at or call 088 522 00 76