For the talent of tomorrow

Recruit a Student is an employment agency specially for students. Our goal? To offer students the chance to explore. Discover where your interests lie, what you are good at. And certainly also what you don't want to do. Failing and succeeding. Experiencing and learning. By experiencing different workplaces and sectors, you get to know yourself better and better. This will help you decide what you want to do after your studies.

All benefits

At a glance

  • Getting to work quickly
  • Paid every week
  • Working flexibly
  • Multiple assignments
  • Gain relevant experience
  • No obligations

How it all began

Folding croissants, sterilising beer cans, pasting billboards, lugging tractor tires. Our director Remco Beijer knows the temporary staffing industry inside out. And knows better than anyone how the right side job can change your life. His student job at Jaap Dietz's sunshade fitting company took him from working student to director in no time. Remco and Jaap became partners and together opened student staffing agency Recruit a Student in 1999. A story for a good Young Adult book.

An engaged coach

Engagement with both the employer and the temporary workers is one of the features that makes Recruit a Student so distinctive.

"It makes me feel good when former students shake hands with me on the street and tell me how they have moved on," says Jaap. That coaching aspect is still very important for Recruit a Student. "We aim to function as a development point by providing work experience." "Only by doing do you find out what suits you," Remco adds.

In five years, we see ourselves...

You are young and ambitious. Recruit a Student is on the same page. With 22 offices across the Netherlands and Belgium, Recruit a Student has become a versatile service provider with nationwide coverage.

Thanks in part to our successful franchise formula, new branches are being added every year in the Netherlands. Moreover, the focus is on international growth with further expansion in Belgium and branches in Germany and France.