Staffing & Secondment

When do you choose temporary workers?

Are you short of staff during busy days or due to extended illness? If so, you need people who can be deployed quickly, require minimal training time and provide maximum return on investment. Recruit a Student can draw on a database of 10,000 students at the secondary vocational, college or university level. Through careful screening, we guarantee ambitious candidates who know how to get things done and are willing to work hard. A business card for your company.

Transparent staffing process

Recruit a Student has optimised the staffing process over the years to make it as transparent as possible. Using a personal login code, you can access our digital environment and the Poolmanager app, where you can find everything about the progress and planning of each project. This allows you to track who is scheduled where and when seven days a week, 24 hours a day, as well as making new requests.

Do you prefer personal contact? You can always contact one of our branches by phone.


Recruit a Student is a temporary employment agency affiliated with the NBBU (the Dutch Association of Intermediary and Temporary Employment Agencies). This trade association sets high quality standards for nearly 1,000 employment intermediaries. In 2014, the new NBBU collective bargaining agreement for temporary workers took effect, offering a good balance between flexibility and security. This new NBBU collective bargaining agreement is in accordance with the Social Agreement and the new Work & Security Act. Thanks in part to the NBBU, we can guarantee our quality.

What is the difference between secondment and temping?

With temping, we provide the perfect candidate and then leave the onboarding to you. When you choose secondment, Recruit a Student arranges the candidates' training and we take responsibility for coaching them in case they run into problems.

Why temporary employees?

Step Time savings
Step Completely unburdened
Step Motivated students
Step Contact us

First of all, working with Recruit a Student saves you time. No more sifting through CVs, rejecting candidates or checking references. We take on the recruitment and selection and only send you the best candidates for the position.

Our temporary workers are flexible so you have the option of employing the students only when you really need them. You are not stuck with a permanent contract and therefore only pay for the actual hours worked. Recruit a Student takes care of wage payment and supervision of candidates.

In addition, our students are eager to gain relevant work experience in the business world. They are motivated, intelligent and keen to learn. Our working students have a good work mentality and, of course, there is a possibility that a student will go on to become a permanent employee at your company. This means you save costs for finding and onboarding new permanent employees.

Are you interested in a temporary worker? If so, you can always contact us. Please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible to answer your questions.

Would you like to know what we can do for you? Call one of our account managers without delay.

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