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Online staffing & remuneration

When do you choose online staffing?

If you only want to pay temporary workers for the hours they work, you can using our online staffing formula. For a period of one year, you have no obligations or risk of sick leave and only pay for the actual hours worked.

What is online staffing?

With online staffing, Recruit a Student carries out the recruitment & selection for you, based on an automated online platform. From a legal perspective, we employ the desired employees. We arrange the employment contracts, ensure proper wage payments and assume all employer risk. This saves your company time and money.

The employee provided by us can access their own employment contract, payslip, payment and employment law questions at any time of the day. And you also have access to periodic costs and management information 24 hours a day via the digital platform.

Benefits at a glance

Online staffing with Recruit a Student offers several benefits. Much of the work is done for you, saving you valuable time. These are your benefits when you let us handle online staffing for you:

  • You receive an invoice for the total number of hours worked only.
  • No obligations or risk related to sick leave
  • Employment contracts, payments and payslips are provided by Recruit a Student
  • Online access to management information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Nice bonuses, such as discounts on staffing rates

Of course, you can always drop in at one of our branches. Prefer telephone contact? If so, please fill out our call-back form.

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