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The ideal intern

Recruit a Student searches daily for talented people looking to gain work experience. As a mediation agency, we can quickly respond to the demand for interns. Our large, up-to-date database provides a constant stream of motivated, hard-working students. Recruit a Student has both the knowledge and the students to find the right person for you. We have already separated the wheat from the chaff for you.

Perfect match

Because of our nationwide coverage and extensive practical experience, we guarantee a student who possesses the qualities, characteristics and interests you desire and fits in with your corporate culture. During the internship, we supervise the students intensively, which saves you time and provides optimal returns.

Recruit a Student operates in many different sectors, from healthcare, ICT and engineering to automotive, logistics, business and financial services. We can always find a student who fits in with your company. Want to know more about how we find our talents, how we can supply talent to your business and what your business needs are? Request more information in the form of a no-obligation quote.

Why Recruit a Student?

Recruit a Student believes in talent. But talent alone is not enough. It needs further development to reap its benefits. Our talented students want to develop, put their qualities into practice and gain new skills. Your organisation as a cradle of talent in the form of a temporary job or internship. We get you tomorrow's talent today so that it can continue to develop within your business.

Recruit a Student specialises in finding and placing students with different companies. We operate in virtually all sectors and are guaranteed to find a suitable intern for your organisation. Who knows, the intern may even have the potential to become a future employee within your company.

Are you interested in a motivated and hard-working intern? Or do you still have questions? If so, please fill out the call-back form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Would you like to know what we can do for you? Call one of our account managers without delay.

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