Best side jobs to combine with your study

Date published 18 October 2023
Date modified 18 October 2023

It is hard to find the perfect job that is easy to combine next to your study. The large amount of jobs that are available require much time especially since the job market demands students more than ever. However, what sorts of jobs are the best to do next to your exciting student life? In this blog we will tell you all about it. 


One of the best side jobs to combine with your study is hospitality. This is one of the most obvious jobs for students since students enjoy the great atmosphere in hospitality. A numerous number of people go to restaurants to be amused by a nice meal with friends, colleagues, lovers or acquaintances therefore it is a very ongoing business, especially on the weekends because everyone has their days off. Consequently, the working hours are mostly at night and on the weekends, this gives you time to do homework during the day and it gives you the opportunity to work at night.

Besides, in this industry many young students work at restaurants, bars or other hospitality businesses, so you always work with people from your own age. It is a perfect side job next to your busy schedule. 


Secondly, the perfect job is a call center. These jobs are very flexible where you can schedule your own time and decide your work hours whenever fits you best. You will often get the opportunity to decide if you want to work fulltime or parttime. Moreover, nothing like you expect but working at a call center offers you diverse work experiences, you’re able to work for different types of companies or different projects. Nevertheless, you are in contact with many people all day long and the salary is above standard. Above your regular salary, most of the call centers give their employees bonuses for a successful sale, use this to your advantage! 

Campus jobs

Many universities offer jobs to their students, such as ambassadors or tutoring. The hours are super flexible and the salary is average. The jobs are conveniently located for students since it is most of the time on campus, whenever you are done with classes you can straight go to your work. Try to find out what jobs your university has, maybe it is the perfect one! 


If you do not enjoy working with customers, warehouse jobs are perfect to do next to your study. The jobs are not that interesting since most of the time your tasks include packing. Nevertheless, the hours are flexible and you can schedule yourself whenever you are available not only at night, but also during the day. During your tasks you have time to chat with your colleagues so the time flies by! 


Finally, a large amount of students do cleaning jobs at companies as a side job. The work hours are on the weekends or very early in the morning or late at night, therefore this job is easy to incorporate with your classes and homework. Most of the tasks include, dusting, cleaning trash cans or vacuuming, very easy to do! 

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