How do you earn money with your hobbies?

Date published 20 February 2024
Date modified 20 February 2024

We're all familiar with activities we do in our spare time because we enjoy them. Often, they bring nothing more than a lot of fun, which is, of course, the most important thing. But how beautiful is it when you can turn your hobby into your 'work'?

Nowadays, everything is possible. For example, boys often dream of becoming professional footballers from a young age. However, this path isn't suitable for everyone because not everyone possesses the necessary talent. Additionally, talent isn't the most crucial factor; it's mainly about hard work.

Every person has one or more qualities they excel in, and each person also has a hobby they enjoy practicing. Nowadays, you can earn money with the wildest hobbies. Through social media and platforms like YouTube, Google, etc., you can become extremely wealthy.

The internet keeps growing, making it increasingly attractive to derive earnings from it. Below are a few examples of how to make money from your hobby:

Making money via a weblog

Start a weblog about your hobby/interest and update it weekly. Share it with your friends through various social media channels. This way, your weblog becomes more well-known, and other individuals who share the same interests/hobbies as you will start reading it. For example: if you love sports and write a daily weblog about it, you'll naturally attract visitors who want to read it. Some of these visitors will continue to follow you because they find your blog interesting. Once you have a somewhat larger 'fan base', you can start advertising on your blog page. You'll soon find that companies approach you wanting to advertise on your page.

Making money via social media

Posting videos on social media. If you have a hobby and you're good at it, or if it's entertaining for others to watch, I recommend filming it and posting it online. People with the same interests enjoy watching your videos. Nowadays, some individuals film their entire lives (vlogging) and earn a lot of money doing so. There are also people who film themselves while playing a game, providing tips and tricks about the game as they play. This has become extremely popular in recent years. Another example is giving online dance lessons. Are you good at dancing? Make an instructional video about a specific dance, for instance. Do something you enjoy. Once you have a popular channel on platforms like YouTube, you can start advertising through that channel. For example, you can play ads before the video starts, similar to a movie theater. Not only that, but YouTube is also willing to pay based on the number of viewers. So, the more viewers, the higher the revenue!

Making money via a webshop

Another way to earn money with your hobby/interest is by creating your own webshop. Not just any webshop, but one where you sell products related to your interests. This attracts visitors to your website who share the same interest. This not only makes selling easier but also simplifies customer interaction.

The three examples above do not guarantee immediate success. There are thousands of other ways to make money with your hobby.

You can use the following tips to achieve your goal:

  • Make sure you engage in your hobby all day long. You'll find that there are also less enjoyable activities involved, but they are perfectly manageable when you're frequently engaged in what you love.
  • It's not always easy to turn your hobby into work. Initially, you'll need to focus more on building your brand recognition rather than acquiring customers/clients.
  • Reflect on the success you've achieved. Consider how you achieved this success. Also, take note of setbacks. Analyze what went wrong and how you can handle it better in the future.
  • Believe in yourself. It's common for someone to say, "I'll never succeed" or "I'm not good enough for it." If you have enough confidence in yourself and believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.
  • Make a plan. Write down everything that comes to mind and make a list of actions you need to take.
  • Research who came before you. This way, you'll discover who your competitors are. You can see your competitors as a source of inspiration; look at their service or product. Investigate how they approached it. What was the key to their success?
  • One last tip: start small and don't rush. In the initial phase, many new responsibilities will come your way. Everyone starts at the bottom of the ladder. The key is to discover a lot in the beginning phase. Additionally, the initial phase is a good test to see if it's really something for you.

In summary, you should mainly do something where you can put your passion and enthusiasm and ensure you don't lose it. Be convinced of yourself and fully support the choice you make.

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