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Fun, flexible, engaging and easy to combine jobs for next to your study. That is what we offer. We understand that you are not always available and that you would like to earn some money on your terms. That's why we offer you the opportunities and you decide when to take them.

Festivals, events, a trip to a vacation park or a stable job in the area. Everything is possible! Other than that we offer fun activities for all our candidates, to participate you just need to be signed-up with us!

Would you like to meet new people, earn money, gain experiences and join us for events? Just  sign-up and we will contact you as soon as possible!


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Team Recruit a Student Assen

Jantina Bleijinga

Jantina Bleijinga

Carlijn Cents

Carlijn Cents

Events & Recruitment
Kathelijne Sissing

Kathelijne Sissing

Marketing & Administratie
Wilko de Vreeze

Wilko de Vreeze


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It was really a nice time. I met many international students and people there. I share their culture, language and experience which is really better than school.

I appreciate your patience, help, and commitment. I hope we will meet each other again in another place.


I really had a nice time working at Leek !

It was a life changing experience for me ! Listening to people and helping them out made me feel good! I will definitely miss all of them there especially the kids! I had formed a nice bond with them!


I enjoyed being with people from different areas of the world, and I got a lot of experience. I am grateful for the opportunity and the pleasant stay. Thank you for everything!


Studenten uitzendbureau Assen

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Recruit a Student is a student employment agency in Assen that focuses on recruiting talented students. Recruit a Student has locations throughout the Netherlands, including Assen. Since 1999, we have been ensuring the perfect match between students and companies! Our database is extensive and filled with motivated students who are eager to work for you.

Our range of services includes recruitment & selection, temporary staffing & secondment, online temporary staffing & payroll, and pool management. Thanks to this wide range and our years of experience, we can provide a suitable solution for any HR-related problem.

Recruit a Student Assen employs a personalized approach. We know each student in our database personally, understanding their talents and interests. This allows us to precisely match vacancies with students in Assen. Thus, we can guarantee that we can introduce you to students who fit well with your organization and possess the right skills.

We provide students with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience during their studies, helping them develop into young professionals. Naturally, this also benefits you: students already have basic knowledge, enabling them to quickly grasp tasks, and they are highly motivated to gain more knowledge and skills within your organization.

But when do you choose to hire a student? Hiring a student is ideal when you experience fluctuating or seasonal busy periods. It's also suitable for one-time tasks or tasks with low frequency. You only pay for the hours the students actually work for you, with no long-term commitments.

If you have a long-term project, you can choose to build a student pool through Recruit a Student Assen. We will tailor a student pool to your needs, filled with talented students. A student pool simplifies scaling up and down. If you experience unexpected busy periods, you can quickly request additional staff. Conversely, during quieter times, you can easily scale down, avoiding over or under-staffing.

Furthermore, employing a working student through Recruit a Student Assen allows you to get more value from your professionals. Workloads have increased significantly in recent years, often affecting productivity and quality. A working student can take on tasks from your professionals, allowing them to focus more on their core responsibilities, thus increasing productivity and quality.

By collaborating with Recruit a Student Assen, you bring talent into your organization at an early stage. We understand that finding talented personnel has become increasingly challenging in recent years and can be time-consuming. That's why we're here to help! Recruit a Student Assen ensures that talented personnel start working for you quickly.

Are you curious about the possibilities? Or would you like to know more about our services? Then contact student employment agency Assen. You can also request a quote online without obligation. After a quick but thorough assessment of your needs, we will make you a suitable proposal. Recruit a Student Assen ensures that you have tomorrow's talent in your organization today.

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