Leeuwarder Courant

Date published 11 January 2023
Date modified 1 May 2023

Earning extra money next to studying is almost a necessity for international students. In contradiction to Dutch students they do not get an allowance from the government. 

This is what our Jantina Bleijinga and journalist Danique Hoekstra spoke about for LC Now. Danique joined us at the office to discuss the ins and outs of Recruit a Student, the recruitment agency for (international) students in the north of the Netherlands. 

Other than discussing our target audience they have also conversed about the tight market, employers have a difficulty finding Dutch employees. Which now creates an opening for non-Dutch students. 

Moreover they talked about the help we offer the students with gathering all the right documents, such as working permits, and about helping them with tax seminars for instance. 

View the (Dutch) article here.