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Student employment agency Schiphol ensures the perfect match between companies and talented students. If you are looking for a reliable HR partner, Recruit a Student is the right place for you. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have an extensive database filled with motivated students who are ready to start working for you in the Schiphol area.

​Recruit a Student; a reliable HR partner

Recruit a Student Schiphol is a reliable HR partner with a wide range of services. We can help you with the staffing and secondment & selection of talented personnel, the placement & deployment of young professionals, online staffing & remuneration, and pool management. This wide range of services ensures that we can offer a suitable solution for any HR-related problem.

Recruit a Student Schiphol takes a personal approach. This way we know all the students in our database personally. We know exactly what their unique qualities and talents are and this allows us to make the right match between the student and a job offer. This ensures that we can guarantee that we can quickly select the best students for you who are a good fit for your organization and who have the right attitude to work.

As an employment agency with a focus on students, we see it as our mission to find a (side) job for students in the Schiphol area that matches their studies and interests. For students, this means that they get the opportunity to gain relevant work experience during their studies that will look good on their CV. They seize this opportunity with both hands, which makes them very motivated and eager to gain a lot of knowledge and skills within your organization. The students also often already have the basic knowledge and therefore pick up the work quickly.

​Why a student?

But when is it wise to hire students? Many organizations have to deal with changing pressures, for example due to seasonal influences. One moment the assignments keep coming in and you are short of hands. While the other moment the orders are not forthcoming and you have to contend with overstaffing. When you choose to hire students through student employment agency Schiphol, you will never again have to deal with over- or understaffing. You can scale up and down flexibly and you are not tied to anything. You can hire students for permanent or changing shifts, for long or short periods or even for a one-off assignment.

Thanks to hiring a student through temporary employment agency Schiphol Recruit a Student, you get more return from your permanent employees. Many organizations notice that the workload among their employees is very high. This has a negative impact on productivity and quality. When you choose to hire an intelligent student, the workload of the professionals is reduced. The students can take over tasks so that the professionals can focus on the things they are good at. Hiring a working student is also attractive from a financial point of view. The students are still studying and would like to earn some extra money in the form of a study-related part-time job.

The talent of tomorrow in the house today

Student employment agency Schiphol ensures that you recruit talent in your organization on time. Finding talented staff can be very difficult. Employment agency Schiphol students ensures that this search does not take up much of your valuable time. Thanks to our extensive recruitment and selection process, we can quickly find suitable employees for you. A working student can also further develop into a fully-fledged employee within your organization. This saves you a lot of money at a later stage, so you no longer have to spend money on the recruitment & selection and training of a new employee.

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Would you like to know more about our employment agency Schiphol students or our services? Then take immediately contact on or fill one call-me-back form in. After completing this form, we will call you back as soon as possible. You can also use a Request quote. After a rapid but thorough inventory of your question, we will make you a suitable proposal. Student employment agency Schiphol Recruit a Student ensures that you already have the talent of tomorrow in-house today.

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