Tips for live streamings on social media

Date published 21 September 2022
Date modified 7 March 2023

Your company is going to live stream on social media. Whether it's a product launch, a live event, or a Q&A with the director, read these tips before hitting the "live" button.

You can read about why it's smart to go live on social media for business, which platforms you can use, and what topics are suitable in this blog. The following tips will make your business live TV a success.

Live TV: Preparation

It goes without saying that a good, stable internet connection is essential. So always, repeat: always, check your connection. Websites like make it very easy to test your internet speed on both your computer/laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. Of course, you also make sure that your recording device has a full battery. Tip two: announce your live stream. Make sure people know what, when, and what time they can follow your live stream. An attractive title and description are a must on Facebook Live.

Light, Camera, and Sound for Social Media

A tripod for your camera or phone provides the best quality image. Practice the right angle and also pay attention to the background and the lighting. When you're satisfied with what's on screen, tape off the right spot. Sound can be a major stumbling block, so test it in advance as well. If you are alone in a quiet, enclosed space, the microphone on your camera is sufficient. If you are dealing with ambient noise, an audience present, or a speaker who is further away from the camera, an external (Bluetooth) microphone is recommended.

Live Streaming Apps and Handy Tools

Both Facebook and Instagram have an in-app camera that makes it easy to go live. For LinkedIn Live, which will also be available in the Netherlands in the near future, you will need a live streaming app. In some cases, it is even desirable to use such a tool because the possibilities are greater.

  • With Cameleon Live, you can stream on multiple platforms at the same time (such as Facebook and YouTube).
  • ECamm is a nice, professionally-looking live streaming app for Apple users.
  • XSplit is a good tool that is easy to use but is only supported by Windows.
  • Open Broadcaster Software has many possibilities but is therefore less suitable for a beginner.

In addition to these streaming apps, a moderator can also provide a lot of help. You naturally hope that your video will receive many comments immediately, but some questions cannot be answered directly. A moderator can keep track of everything for you so that you can address specific matters later or personally.

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