Tips for setting up a good advertising campaign

Date published 20 September 2022
Date modified 7 March 2023

Advertising is essential. Good advertising makes your company stand out and makes it easier for you to be found by future clients and clients. But how do you set up a good advertising campaign yourself? In this blog we give interesting tips!

Advertise in the newspaper

Advertising in the newspaper is an option that companies still use a lot. And there's a reason for that! A large group of Dutch people still read the newspaper every day. But think carefully in which newspaper you want to advertise. Advertising in a national newspaper is expensive and only generates profit if the return on your advertisement is sufficient. This only really makes sense if your company has national coverage and if the services or products appeal to a broad target group. When making this choice, think about the target group, which newspaper do your potential customers and clients read?

Be newsworthy

Playing the same trick as the competition is of course the easiest. But be creative! By creating a campaign that is newsworthy and innovative, you can get a boost from free publicity or even go viral. You can also use native advertising. You pay influencers such as bloggers or a famous person to bring your campaign to the attention of the right target group. But also in this case you will have to tell a story

Have a folder or flyer printed

A folder is very efficient when you want to put a new service or product on the map. This also works very well for promotions, discounts and holidays. Have the folder printed in colour, this is the most noticeable. Also take a good look at where you want it printed, the price often differs at every copy shop.

Make use of the internet

Almost every company now has a website. It pays to advertise on the internet. This can be done very easily via Google Ads, for example. You determine the target group yourself and that also gives you an overview of the costs.

Social media

You see more and more companies using a company page on social media platforms. Think of: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. It is therefore also very efficient to advertise here. Create a company page on Facebook, send Twitter messages, explore the possibilities of Instagram, and post fun videos about your company on YouTube.

Get advice

If you don't know how to best set up an advertising campaign for your company, get advice from an expert. Of course this costs some money, but a failed advertising campaign that misses its target ultimately costs a lot more. Having a good marketing strategy developed produces excellent results in most cases.

Hire a student for online marketing

You can also choose to hire a talented student! Recruit a Student is the organization that can help you with this. Why would you use an Online Student to grow your business online?
Students have grown up with online thinking 'web and mobile first'. They have fresh ideas to appeal to your target group and are familiar with the characteristics of the various social channels like no other. Moreover, students and entrepreneurs have in common that they both want to be successful online.

An Online Student is the best in his class. An ambitious HBO or WO student of marketing/communication/journalism/commercial economics who has been carefully selected and successfully trained by a renowned online marketing agency with which we have a partnership. In addition, the Online Student is continuously coached by professionals. In the field of strategy, content and analytics, they can call on a team of professionals on demand. Curious what an online student can do for your organization? Contact us without obligation!