What is an effective slogan?

Date published 13 September 2022
Date modified 7 March 2023

Which is better? A bad slogan to generate interest or one that gives a serious image to your organization? Do you want to know which form is more effective for your business? Then read on quickly!

What is a slogan?

To explain which form of slogan works best, it is important to clarify exactly what a slogan is. The definition of the word: ''concise short sentence, especially as an advertisement''. The five main characteristics of a slogan are:

- It is short.

- A slogan is repeated everywhere.

- It is unique.

- It sounds good.It changes with the times.

Where should you use a slogan?
You should use a slogan in all of your marketing. On your banners and all your other business items like pens, business cards and more. In addition, you use a slogan in online marketing by putting it on your website and in your mailing. It is important to repeat a slogan as often as possible so that it sticks with people but does not become boring.What is the effect of a bad slogan?
By this we do not mean a slogan that is bad in the sense that it is not good. By this we mean a slogan that is bad because it uses a pun or a joke that is kind of lame. A bad slogan often has one of two effects: People laugh at it, remember it and your brand awareness grows or people don't find it funny, find it annoying and people also remember your brand but with a negative image.

What is the effect of a serious slogan?

The effect of a serious slogan is also in almost all cases one of the following two: It is remembered and people have the image that they are dealing with a professional company or people read it and forget it again. Serious slogans are less memorable in most cases. This makes the first option much more common than the second. The advantage though is that in most cases, a serious slogan is less likely to irritate. However, there are exceptions to this. When a serious slogan such as: "The online shoe store" is paired with an advertisement, where everyone is shouting, this can also cause irritation if it is too repetitive.

Which form is better?

Both are effective marketing tools if used in the right way. Smaller companies often benefit more from a slogan with a lame joke that attracts more attention while larger companies often find it more important that their mission and vision be reflected in their slogan. Other factors that can play into this are the industry you are in and what you want to project as a company. A large company that deals in serious business may still go for a less serious slogan.
Take for example the dutch company Centraal Beheer Achmea and their advertising slogan "Just call Apeldoorn." With an insurance company, you probably don't immediately think of humor. However, Centraal Beheer Achmea showed that this combination is possible with "Even Apeldoorn bellen" and the accompanying commercials where people get into trouble. These commercials were so well received that this advertising campaign won 3 golden Loeki's over the years.

Tips for a good slogan

Here are 5 more tips that can help you come up with a good and attractive slogan:
1. Use imagery to attract the interest of your consumer. You can do this, for example, by using metaphors.
2. Make it a little exaggerated. You can do this by using one or more superlatives such as best, fastest, biggest and so forth.
3. Use alliteration. It has been proven that sentences with alliteration stick better in your memory. This is also used by many students while studying. 
4. Use a word multiple times such as at the beginning and at the end of your catchphrase. An example is "Oh what a trip, Oad a trip!" from travel company Oad.
Use a contradiction. An example is "A little of us, so much of yourself" from Brico.

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