Why exercise is so important

Date published 12 September 2022
Date modified 7 March 2023

We all know that exercising is good for you. In this blog we tell you all about the benefits of exercising.

Exercising, we all know what it is and we all know that it is good for your body, but what we do not generally know is that exercising is not only good for your body. Exercising brings out many more benefits! That's why it is important that you make time to exercise, in this blog we will explain why.

Expressing frustration

Many students are unconsciously full of frustrations: about exams, homework or a side job. Exercising allows you to express these frustrations. Many people do boxing or other martial arts, so they can hit a punching bag and get rid of their frustrations. This temporarily calms you down and gives you a feeling of satisfaction. Yoga as a sport can also be very helpful to come to yourself, this is a calmer way to express your frustrations. You pay attention to your breathing and you will unwind for a while. 

Good for cooperation

It sounds far-fetched, but it is true. Exercising and especially doing this in teams will help you with your cooperation skills: you learn to win and lose. What you encounter in a team sport, you can also encounter in your everyday life and at work. Sometimes you have a setback (losing) and if you achieve your goal, you win. You learn to work together to achieve a shared goal, in the world of sports you work together to "get get the ball in the goal" and at work you want to achieve the goal that you came up with together as a team.

You also learn to think in terms of solutions when you lose. How are we going to do better next time to achieve our goal? In the world of sports: what are we going to improve in the second half to score a point? So you can see there are many similarities between team sports and working together in teams for a different purpose.

Happier feeling

Research has shown that sports are not only good for your body but also make you less likely to be depressed, have less anxiety and a better mood, In short exercise is good for your mental health. This is because exercise, with some effort, causes the release of substances in the brain, such as serotonin and dopamine; these substances make us feel better and more comfortable.

Furthermore, research has also shown that when people suffer from depression or anxiety this can also be resolved more quickly when these people exercise.

Sports also contribute to social contacts. When you play sports with others, you have social contact. Social contact also has a positive effect on your feeling of happiness. So these are all benefits of team sports. When you play sports, it also gives you more self-confidence. Suppose you score a goal, then your happiness can't end. You then enter the so-called ''flow'' moment. This is a state in which a person is so involved in an activity that he or she forgets everything around it.

These are short-lived moments of happiness, but they can cause you to exercise more often because it feels so good. Ultimately, this in turn would contribute to your feeling of happiness in the longer term.

Good for the brain

When you exercise, muscles are involved. The brain transmits stimuli to the muscles through which you move. The brain provides coordination of movement and the ability to perform complex actions.

Sports provide important repair processes in the brain. When you exercise, new brain cells are created and it stimulates the growth of the number of connections between brain cells. This is the basis for learning new information. Furthermore, exercise also promotes the ability of brain parts to take over functions of other parts of the brain.

In addition to repairing and creating new brain cells, exercise also creates nerve cells in the hippocampus (a part of the brain) and this part is responsible for storing and repeating information. During exercise, a protein substance called BDNF is released. This protein contributes to the learning processes in the hippocampus of your brain.

In short, exercise is important for your brain! You will find that when you exercise your memory works better and your ability to concentrate goes up. We all know that sufficient exercise keeps your muscles and joints supple, which of course will make you feel fit and fresh both physically and mentally. But besides that, there are many more reasons to exercise.

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