The 10 Most Popular Part-Time Jobs Among Students

Date published 20 December 2023
Date modified 20 December 2023

The cold winter months are here, which means we can look forward to Christmas break. Of course, you could choose to chill all winter long, but you could also make yourself useful. Having a part-time job allows you to gain work experience, which is beneficial for the future. Are you planning to work during the winter break? Then, of course, you'd want to find a fun part-time job. Feeling overwhelmed by the options? Let us lend you a hand with this blog. We've listed the 10 most popular part-time jobs among students for you.


Become the Sherlock Holmes of the shop floor! Wander through supermarkets, stores, and gas stations, and report on the splendid presence of specific products. As an undercover customer, unveil secrets about the enchanting world of brand and product displays in retail outlets. Immerse yourself in the ambiance of bars, restaurants, and cafes, and share your discoveries about the availability of our fantastic products. As the Merchandising Maestro, dedicate yourself to our customers by setting up promotional material, constructing brand displays, and stocking shelves with our stunning products.

You'll have the opportunity to visit various locations within a single area and perform a range of retail-oriented tasks, including:

In-store insights: Reporting on the visibility and availability of specific products in supermarkets, stores, and gas stations.

Mystery shopping: Acting as a regular customer and reporting on specific aspects of brand and product presentation in a store.

Hospitality checks: Visiting bars, restaurants, cafes, or other sales points to report on brand and product availability and presentation.

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Working at a supermarket is a top pick for student jobs. The hours are flexible, so it jives well with your studies. There's a bunch to do there—running the cash register, restocking shelves, or diving into different sections like the bakery or produce area. Loads of choices! What's cool is you're always talking to people—helping customers and hanging out with coworkers. It's not just about the money; it's a vibe!


If you've got a knack for sales and love connecting with folks outdoors, promotional jobs could be your thing. Being a promo worker means every day brings something new, hopping to different spots to promote different products or companies. It keeps things exciting! The pay tends to be higher than other part-time jobs, making it a go-to for many students. Plus, hitting those targets could snag you some extra bonuses.


Not keen on hunkering down indoors during winter? Maybe hospitality work is your thing! It's still a big hit among students. It needs flexibility because the days can be pretty long and demanding. But hey, it's fun—meeting new folks and staying on the move. Plus, in most hospitality spots, tips are often part of the deal, adding a little extra to your paycheck.

Plus, having some drinks (preferably hot chocolate) after your shift with your coworkers sounds like music in the ears.

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Part-time jobs in retail are always available, spanning clothing stores, tanning spots, and wholesalers. Retail jobs offer a diverse range of experiences, from handling cash registers to helping and guiding customers. It's a chance to explore various facets of the job.


If you're 18 or older and have a year's worth of driving experience with a valid license, you might consider becoming a student chauffeur. Many companies are on the lookout for student drivers to drive them around. It's a well-paying job, and you might even get to cruise in some fancy wheels. Check our vacancies here.


Are you okay with spending your day making sales calls? A job in a call center might be a good fit. Sales pitches might not always hit the mark, so expect to hear a lot of 'no.' Still, this job can bring in good money. Some call centers don't focus on sales; instead, they verify customer data through calls.


Got a skill you're ace at? Why not lend a hand to fellow students through tutoring sessions? It doesn't have to be about school stuff. If you're a whiz at a sport, you could teach at a nearby sports club too. It's a fulfilling part-time job where you're not just earning but also helping someone else out.


Babysitting is another sought-after part-time job. If you have nieces, nephews, or neighbors with kids, consider offering your services as a babysitter. Typically, you'll work in the evenings when the kids are already tucked in, giving you time for homework or TV. Payment varies depending on the family. Comfort and willingness to handle children are key for this role.


Ultimately, a prevalent choice among students is venturing into entrepreneurship by initiating their own small-scale enterprises, often aligned with their academic pursuits. For instance, they might delve into freelance designing or take charge of managing social media platforms for businesses. Embracing the role of an independent entrepreneur offers a myriad of advantages and opportunities.


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