What types of work does a job agency offer?

Publicatiedatum 21 september 2022
Wijzigingsdatum 28 december 2022

Finding a fixed job at an employee in the Netherlands as an international student can be difficult. Therefore a lot of international students decide to sign up at a job agency. Are you wondering what a job agency does and what kind of work they offer? Read this blog.

What does a job agency do?

A job agency is the middle man between an employer and an employee. On the one hand a job agency arranges staff for companies and on the other hand they help employees find work.

​The different kind of job agencies

There are a lot of job agencies in the Netherlands. They often are specialized in a sort of work or population group. For example: there are agencies that focus on logistic work, hospitality or for on students. The vacancies at a job agency can vary a lot, so you have to do some research before you sign up at an agency.

If you are a student that wants to get more experience in a certain sector it might be smart to sign up at a job agency that operates in that sector. If you are looking for different, flexible jobs, because you are studying you might want to sign up for an agency that focuses on students. Recruit a Student is a job agency that focuses on students and offer jobs that fits with the student life.

​The work we offer at Recruit a Student

As said, Recruit a Student is a job agency that focuses on students. Because of this the companies we work with are specifically looking for students and often have their hours adjusted to this. We work with a lot of companies that are looking for students who are studying in a field related to their company. This is the perfect opportunity for a student to develop while getting a lot of very relevant work experience.

Besides study related jobs Recruit a Student has a lot of flexible work as well. At a job agency you are allowed to work for different companies with one contract. So you can get a lot of different work experience and work whenever it fits you. This is perfect if you have a busy student life and you schedule changes constantly.

​Signing up to a job agency 

How to sign up at a job agency differs per agency. For Recruit a Student you can sign up at the website and directly see the open vacancies in your area. You can also contact the office in your area to plan an intake.


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