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Student employment agency Recruit a Student The Hague specializes in sending out talented students. We have been active in the temporary employment sector since 1999 and have already helped many organizations find a suitable working student. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have a very extensive database. This database is filled with talented students who can be deployed for various activities. Our students are ready to get started for you!

We know exactly what their unique qualities and talents are for all the students in our database. This allows us to quickly introduce ambitious students to you. We only recruit and select students who have the right attitude to work, so you can always expect maximum commitment from our students.

We see it as our goal to find a (part-time) job for the students of employment agency The Hague students Recruit a Student that is in line with their studies. In this way we offer them the opportunity to gain valuable work experience during their studies. For you, this means that the students who will work for you already have the basic knowledge of the subject. As a result, they pick up the work quickly and the training time is short. You will therefore quickly achieve maximum returns from the student you hire through student employment agency The Hague.

​Why a student?

But when is it wise to hire a student and what are the advantages? Many organizations suffer from fluctuating workloads. One month is busier than the other, which means that you have to deal with over- or understaffing. Employment agency The Hague students offers the perfect solution for this. You can one hire a student The Hague for short or long-term projects, permanent or changing services or for a one-off assignment.

We also offer the option of a studentenpool to build up. We fill this student pool, especially for you, with talented students who can be deployed very flexibly. This way you benefit from maximum flexibility. You can switch quickly with the students from the student pool and you can always request extra staff when necessary. But you can also easily scale down again. This way you always have the ideal staffing.

Hiring a student through employment agency The Hague students Recruit a Student ensures that you can get more out of your permanent employees. Due to the increasing workload within many organizations, professionals are given more and more tasks and can no longer focus on their most important activities. An intelligent student can take work off the hands of the professionals. This will increase productivity and quality of work.

Hiring a student through employment agency students The Hague also offers you advantages in the future. It is not for nothing that our slogan is “tomorrow's talent in the house today”. Bringing talent into your organization in a timely manner ensures that you are prepared for the future. A student can get to know your organization, the activities and the processes within the organization in the form of a part-time job. Subsequently, the student may possibly enter employment after graduation. The student already has the knowledge that is required and this saves you on the costs of recruitment & selection and training a new employee.

​A reliable HR partner

Recruit a Student the Hague is a reliable HR partner with a wide range of services. We can help you with the staffing and secondment & selection of talented personnel, the placement & deployment of young professionals, online staffing & remuneration, and pool management. This wide range of services ensures that we can offer a suitable solution for any HR-related problem.

Would you like to know more about student employment agency The Hague? Then take contact with us! You can also use one call-me-back form fill in and we will contact you as soon as possible. You can also order one online without obligation Request quote. We will make a thorough but rapid inventory of your question and then make you a suitable proposal. Student employment agency Recruit a Student The Hague has already helped many companies in this region find the ideal personnel solution, we are happy to help you too!

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