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FAQ - Employer

Below we answer some of employers' frequently asked questions.

Are you looking for temporary workers?

Knowledge and/or manpower shortages during busy days or long-term illness? In that case, you need people who can be deployed quickly with minimal training time, so they provide maximum return on investment. Recruit a Student can draw on a large database of students with secondary vocational, college or university education. Through our careful screening process, we guarantee motivated candidates with ambition who are ready to grasp the opportunity. A business card for your company.

Transparency is a high priority for Recruit a Student. We therefore make the staffing process optimally transparent for you. You will receive a login code from us to log in to our website. There, you can find everything about the progress and schedule of each project. You can track who is scheduled where and when seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and you can also submit your requests online. Do you have a vacancy for which you could use our assistance? You can directly submit it to us online. Or if you would prefer a more personal approach, you can always contact one of our branches by phone.

Does a temporary worker have a probationary period?

A temporary worker has a probationary period only when an employment contract is entered into for the duration of at least three months. In that case, the maximum probationary period specified by law applies.

Does a temporary worker get a contract?

Whether a temporary worker gets a contract depends on the company at which they work. The temporary worker does always sign a contract with the staffing agency that assigns them.

The NBBU collective bargaining agreement works with a four-stage system. Stage 1 lasts 26 working weeks. During this period, the temporary worker has individual (weekly) contracts that end as soon as the assignment or week finishes. When the temporary worker has spent 26 weeks in stage 1, they move on to stage 2. This phase lasts a maximum of 104 working weeks (two years), again with weekly contracts. After this, a fixed-term employment contract is entered into in stage 3. A maximum of 4 contracts can be issued in a total period of up to 52 weeks.

This means that the temporary worker always gets a temporary contract when an assignment is terminated. When stage 3 is complete, the contract moves to stage 4 and becomes an open-ended contract.

Recruit staff?

Finding good staff is not always easy. Recruit a Student specialises in providing student staff for part-time and temporary full-time positions. Are you looking for staff? If so, you have come to the right place.

Recruiting staff via Recruit a Student​
Recruit a Student can assist you in recruiting college- or university-level staff. With Recruit a Student, you don't have to recruit staff yourself, we do it for you! It is therefore ideal if you have little time to do this yourself.

Recruit staff through our extensive and carefully selected student database​
Recruit a Student is a large and ambitious player that provides student staff for temporary part-time and full-time positions. Recruit a Student provides good staff quickly for all kinds of work. Our employees are experienced and know how to find the perfect match for you. All at attractive rates. Recruit a Student is your ideal recruiting partner.

What is the stage system?

Recruit a Student works with a four-stage system. This means that a temporary worker can be deployed highly flexibly for almost 2.5 years. Ideal for managing your peaks and troughs with optimal flexibility.

What is the cost of a temporary worker?

Did you know that having a student as a temp is as much as 20% cheaper than permanent staff? This is because students are mostly paid according to youth wage scales. In addition, as highly skilled temporary workers, students can be deployed quickly and flexibly in various fields of work, both part-time and full-time.

Are you curious about the cost of a temporary worker? Request a quote directly through the website, ask to be called back by one of our employees or contact one of our employees yourself.

What are your rates for temporary workers?

Our temporary workers are usually students and are paid according to youth wage scales. The salary of these candidates is easily 20% lower than that of a professional adult with equivalent competencies. This enables Recruit a Student to offer you attractive rates for your temporary workers. Are you wondering exactly what a temporary worker costs? Please request a no-obligation quote or contact one of our branches.

Does Recruit a Student have a separate collective bargaining agreement?

Recruit a Student uses the NBBU collective bargaining agreement. The NBBU is the Dutch Association of Intermediary and Temporary Employment Agencies. The NBBU collective bargaining agreement includes all terms and conditions of employment applicable to temporary workers and these must be the same as those in the hirer's collective bargaining agreement.

Is a temporary worker entitled to travel expenses?

According to the NBBU collective bargaining agreement, a temporary worker has the same rights to travel expenses as regular employees. With students from Recruit a Student, however, this almost never applies. We work with students and most of our temps have an annual card for public transport.

Is a temporary worker entitled to paid holidays?

A temporary worker accrues holidays based on their earned wages; for a full working week, the temporary worker is entitled to at least 4 times the agreed weekly working hours in leave after a full year. A temporary worker who does not work a full working week or does not work the entire year accrues a proportionate share. Upon request, the temporary worker can take these days as paid holiday or receive them in the form of a payment at the end of the employment contract.

What is the notice period for temporary workers?

Different notice periods apply to temporary workers than to regular employees. These notice periods are stipulated in the NBBU collective bargaining agreement for temporary workers.

A temporary worker in stages 1 and 2 can leave at any time. They only need to give one working day's notice. The employment agency must give seven calendar days' notice that the work is ending.

For a temporary worker with a fixed-term contract (stage 3), the following notice periods apply:

Contract shorter than 3 months: 1 week​
Between 3 and 6 months: 2 weeks​
Longer than 6 months: 1 month

For the temporary employment agency, the statutory notice period of one calendar month applies in this case.

Looking for staff?

Finding good staff is not always easy. Recruit a Student specialises in providing student staff for part-time and temporary full-time positions. Are you looking for staff? If so, you have come to the right place.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact one of our branches or request a no-obligation quote.

What are the terms and conditions for hiring temporary workers?

Legal general terms and conditions apply to the hiring of temporary workers. These can be found on the download page of our website. Click here for our terms and conditions.

How does Poolmanager work?

If you would like to explore working with Poolmanager, please watch the helpful instructional videos.

Who pays the temporary worker in the case of illness?

A temporary worker is insured under the Sickness Benefits Act. Depending on the stage of the temporary worker's employment, they are entitled to sickness benefits or continued payment of wages when ill. When you hire a temporary worker through Recruit a Student, Recruit a Student remains the employer by law. So, all costs associated with a temporary worker being sick fall to Recruit a Student.